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5007 Bendegeweld en psychische stoornissen

Gang violence cause of high levels of mental disorders

Bron: BBC (zie aldaar voor de rest van artikel)

Gang membership is linked to psychiatric problems as well as drink and drugs, the study says

Young men in gangs are significantly more likely to suffer from a mental disorder and need psychiatric help than other young men, says a UK study.

It surveyed 108 gang members and found that half had an anxiety disorder, more than 85% a personality disorder and 25% screened positive for psychosis.

Exposure to violence was the likely cause of their mental health problems, it said.


"It is probable that, among gang members, high levels of anxiety disorder and psychosis were explained by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the most frequent psychiatric outcome of exposure to violence."

He said the fear of future violence and victimisation led young men to experience extreme anxiety.


The study also found that, of the 108 gang members surveyed, around a third had attempted suicide.

The authors said this could be linked "to the notion that impulsive violence may be directed both outward and inward".

However depression was significantly less common among gang members and violent men, the study found.